About I Love Disaster Movies

This website is dedicated to all the disaster movies made around the globe. By a disaster movie I mean a movie that involves everyone being held in some kind of peril for the film such as an earthquake, volcano, fire, tidal wave, bad weather, sinking ship, avalanche, meteor – hell there’s even one about an elevator – basically anything that will either kill everyone or end the world. There are a couple of exceptions where I think genre fans will love the movie (extreme sports/survival hybrids and a couple of sci-fi movies) but on the whole only disasters are allowed here.

There is something about this genre I find completely fascinating and compelling. Even if the film is low budget trash I still get some enjoyment out of it. Whenever I have had a rubbish day at work or in my home life I can pop on a disaster movie and realise things are not so bad after all! It also always makes me wonder what I’d do in the situation too. Maybe I’m using these films as preparation for doomsday! This my homage to all those movies.

I Love I Disaster Movies is just one of my projects and is part of my Higher Plain Network. This includes projects on music, games, music creation and radio. You might find some of these other websites interesting too so take a look at my Patreon for more.





Of course, disasters are real too and I support MAP as they provide emergency medical support when a disaster happens. They operate so efficiently that for every pound you donate – 99 pence goes towards their programmes.

I also support a second charity as of 2018 called Survival International, which helps tribal communities have a voice to stop their way of life be eliminated.

Many thanks and let’s hope we all survive to the end credits!


12 thoughts

  1. I am a disaster film fan too (aren`t we geeks?).
    Anyway, I just want to say thank you for an impressive site that just about sums it all up very well 🙂
    You have charming humour, I got many good laughs out of this 🙂

    Daniel, Iceland

  2. There are of course many more than the ones you have reviewed so far, but I am sure you know this.

    What you perhaps don`t know is the great German contribution to the genre these last years. A series of – more or less – excellent fictional and historical made-for-tv disaster movies, like “Tornado” about a tornado in Berlin, “Vulkan” about a sudden volcanic eruption in eastern western Germany (as Germany has neither tornadoes or active volcanoes these are obviously fiction – but worth watching nonetheless). Then there is “Dresden” about the bombing of the named city in 1945, “Der Gustloff” about the sinking of the “Wilhelm Gustloff” with 10,000 refugees aboard – also in 1945, and the latest addition; “Hindenburg” about the famous airship disaster in 1937. These movies were all made starting in 2004 and are still released – as part of a new disaster era in German television/cinema.

  3. Hi! I love your web! I’m from Argentina (sorry for my english, I’m out of practice). I’ve been looking for a disaster movie for a long time and I can’t find it. May be, as the great fan of the genre as you are, you can recognize it. If not, thank you anyway.

    The only thing I can remember is that all the plot (or the most important thing) is about closing a giant door (from a reactor?) and many technicians die at the attempt, while others follow the situation from a control center (it’s not China Syndrome…). The film is from the 70s or the 80s, I think.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you enjoy the website! I have to say I can’t think of what that film might be. I was looking through titles and maybe its a film called “Red Alert” from 1977 but this is a complete wild guess as I’ve not seen that film, only read about it – which is basically about shutting down a reactor. I’ll have to see what I can find 🙂

      1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I will look for that title. Thanks again for this great site and for your help!


      2. Look at the date! I had to wait 4 years but finally some great person uploaded the full movie to Youtube. Here it is:

        And I still love it!

        Thanks to you that gave me the title, and to who uploaded it, I was able to see it again!

        And it aged well!

        I liked it, and I’m surprised how accurate was my memory from my childhood about that giant door and that hook.

        Great one! Thank you again!

        See ya!

  4. Your reviews and witty comments just keep getting better and better. Love this site! I dont understand why not more people leave comments… you should be awarded. I am a big fan 🙂

  5. Hey, I’ve watch a movie in one of satellite TV. But I forget which TV channel is it, and what the movie title. The story is some disaster movie fan survive from apocalypse by finding a movie director which locked in hospital. This director is an ex soldier or something, this director have a bunker for apocalypse survival. That’s why this movie fan have to find the director. Do you know what movie is it ?

    Thanks, sorry for my bad english 🙂

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