As the entire I Love Disaster Movies website is being upgraded and restructured, I’ve made this page to keep you up to date with everything going on as not everything will be an actual post on the main page that’s happened in the last three months.

Latest Updates



I have had no internet access to publish for the last month whilst awaiting a new PC to replace my old one which blew up. I’m now back online and kicking again!

  • Added movie review – Landslide
  • Added page, details and screenshot gallery for Landslide


  • Added new review for The 33
  • Finally sorted the All Films Rated page into alphabetical order under each rating.
  • After reflection, I have increased Flood: A River’s Rampage rating to 2.5/5 (OK).


  • Added new page, info and gallery for The 33


  • Added new page, info, gallery and review for Flood: A River’s Rampage


  • Added screenshot gallery and new review for The Big Bus


  • Updated review for The Eruption of Mount St Helens


  • Added screenshot gallery for The Eruption of Mount St Helens
  • Added BluRay cover for The Terror Live


  • Added screenshot gallery and updated review for Arctic Blast.


  • Added new film page, details, review and screenshot gallery for Arctic.


  • Added screenshot gallery and a minor review update for Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack


  • New review added – Earthquake