As the entire I Love Disaster Movies website is being upgraded and restructured, I’ve made this page to keep you up to date with everything going on as not everything will be an actual post on the main page that’s happened in the last three months.

Latest Updates


  • New page, review and screenshot gallery – Erebus Operation Overdue


  • Review updated – Passengers
  • Gallery added – Passengers


  • Review updated – The Poseidon Adventure.


  • Thumbnail gallery for The Poseidon Adventure added.


  • Added pages and cover art for Titanic II, Titanic 2012 Series, Tidal Wave: No Escape, Threads, This Is The End, These Final Hours, The Swarm, The Flight of the Phoenix (1965), Lightning Fire from the Sky, Krakatoa the Last Days and Haeundae.


  • A mammoth update which updates info and DVD covers for all films I own from S-Z.
  • New review of Atomic Twister added.


  • New page, DVD cover and info for Signs, Sharknado 5, Shin Godzilla and Sink Hole.


  • New page, DVD cover and info for Pandemic, Patriots Day, Post Impact, Protect and Survive, Raise the Titanic, Rollercoaster, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Sharknado 2,3 and 4.
  • Updated page info for Passengers, Perfect Disasters, Polar Storm, Pompeii, Poseidon, Quantum Apocalypse, San Andreas, Seoul Station, Shackleton.
  • Added trailer for Raise the Titanic, Sharknado 2 and 3.


  • New pages and info for Outbreak, On the Beach (1959), Oceans Rising and Noah.
  • Updated page info for On the Beach (2000), No Escape and NYC Terror Tornado.


  • Added new film ‘Atomic Twister’ with trailer, DVD and VHS covers, promo shots, posters and HD tv cast screenshots.
  • Added page and DVD cover for Night of the Twisters


  • Updated review for Into The Storm.
  • Added basic film info for all films starting with M and Nature Unleashed
  • Added new page and cover work for Last Passenger, Left Behind, Mars Attacks!, Monsters.
  • Added trailer for Last Passenger.


  • Added new page and cover work for Godzilla (1998), Godzilla (2014), Gravity, Gray Lady Down, Hard Rain, Heaven’s Fire, Hell’s Rain, Himizu, Hours, How I Live Now, Hurricane (1979), I Am Legend, Independence Day, Inferno Skyscraper Escape, Interstellar, Jet, K-19: The Widowmaker, Killer Wave, Kingdom of Spiders, Krakatoa East of Java, King Kong.
  • Added page info for Heatwave!, Ice Quake, Impact, In Old Chicago, Independence Day Resurgence, Into The Storm, It’s A Disaster, Killer Flood, Knowing.
  • Added trailer for Hard Rain.
  • Added gallery and review for Jet.


  • Added new page and DVD cover for Disaster! The Movie, Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York, District 9, Earthstorm, Firequake, Flight 1942, Flood, Freefall Flight 174.
  • Added page info for Doomsday Prophecy. Epicenter, Everest, Fail Safe, Fire!, Flight, Flight 90 Disaster on the Pontomac, Flight 93, Flight of the Phoenix (2004), Flood!
  • Added trailer for Disaster! The Movie.


  • Added page, screenshot gallery, DVD cover and review for Geostorm.


  • Updated review for Deathwave to new format and added screenshot gallery.
  • Added trailers for Airport ’75, Airport ’77, Airport 79 The Concorde, 102 Minutes That Changed America and 10 Cloverfield Lane.
  • Added page and DVD cover for Children of Men, City on Fire, Combustion, Collision Earth, Contagion, Countdown to Armageddon, Dante’s Peak, Deathwave, De Storm, Deep Water.
  • Updated page details for Countdown The Sky’s on Fire, Cyclone, Crack in the World, Dinocroc Vs Supergator, Deepwater Horizon, Deep Impact.


  • Added pages, trailers and DVD scans for Daylight, Day of the Animals, Category 7 The End of the World and Earthquake.
  • Added pages and DVD scans for Category 6 Day of Destruction and Captain Phillips.
  • Added DVD scans for Dincroc Vs Supergator and NYC Tornado Terror.


  • Updated review to new format for Right At Your Door.


  • Updated review to new format for 6 Below.
  • Made new pages for Alligator, Alligator 2 The Mutation, Apocalypse Pompeii, Apollo 13, Armageddon, America 9/11, Avalanche, Big Man Japan and By Dawn’s Early Light.
  • Added trailers for Alligator, Alligator 2 The Mutation, Apocalypse Pompeii, Apollo 13, Armageddon, 100 Below Zero, 6 Below Miracle on the Mountain, 10.5 and 252 Sign of Life.
  • Added DVD scans for Alligator, Alligator 2 The Mutation, Apocalypse Pompeii, Apollo 13, Armageddon, America 9/11, Avalanche, Big Man Japan, By Dawn’s Early Light, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Titanic (1997), Tunnel, The Mountain Between Us and Sharknado 6.
  • Added screenshot gallery for Right At Your Door


  • Added DVD cover for The Impossible, The Land of Hope, The Hurricane Heist, The Host, the Great Fire, The Finest Hours and The Final Storm.
  • Added page for Airport 75 and Avalanche.


  • Added review and gallery for Zemletryaseine


  • Added page details and DVD scans for On The Beach (2000), Right At Your Door, Sinking of Japan (Nippon Chinbotsu), Skyline, Metpo, Hanging By A Thread, Hindenburg, Gyo Fish Attack and Ground Zero California Quake.
  • Added DVD scan for Rough Air Danger on Flight 534 and Abandoned.


  • Added review, page, info and screen gallery for The Quake (Skjevlet).


  • Updated review and added page details and gallery for The Wave (Bolgen).