As the entire I Love Disaster Movies website is being upgraded and restructured, I’ve made this page to keep you up to date with everything going on as not everything will be an actual post on the main page that’s happened in the last three months.

Film reviews left to be converted to new format: 88 to go!

Latest Updates


  • Updated review and added trailer for Flood!
  • Updated review for Flight 93.
  • Added trailer and screenshot gallery for Fire!


  • Added new pages for Greenland & Mine 9 for future content.
  • Added screenshot gallery for Flight 93 and Flood!


  • Added new behind the scenes featurette ‘Parting Thoughts’ for Deep Impact.
  • Added screenshot gallery and review for Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars.


  • Updated review and added screenshot gallery for Locusts: Day of Destruction.
  • Added new pages for Salyut-7 and Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars for future content.


  • Updated review of Lavalantula to new format.


  • New review for Fire From Below.
  • Added gallery and updated review for Heatwave!


  • New page and gallery for Fire From Below.


  • New page, gallery and review for Devil Winds.


  • Updated review of Meteor Storm to new review structure.
  • Added cover art for Meteor Storm, 14 Hours, As The Light Goes Out, A Spirit of the Sun, Zero Hour, The Quake, Landslide, The 33, When Time Ran Out, When The Wind Blows, World Trade Centre, War of the Worlds (2005), The Eruption of Mount St Helens Imax, Volcano, Meteor, Life After People Seasons 1 & 2, Mega Shark Vs Crocosaurus, Deluge, Erebus Operation Overdue, Firetrap, Flood A Rivers Rampage.


  • Added trailers for Earthstorm, Freefall Flight 174, Hell’s Rain (Anna’s Storm).
  • Added behind the scenes video for Deep Impact.
  • Added screenshot gallery and page info for Meteor Storm.


  • New film review: 14 Hours
  • New screenshot gallery: 14 Hours