Wouldn’t stand there mate given this films title!

You’ve got to love miniatures  In the mid to late 90’s when CGI was still relatively expensive, made for TV disaster movies used miniatures to destroy “large” sets. In some ways I prefer this method to some of the sheer paint-not-photoshop CGI that some films get these days. However not much destruction takes place in Killer Flood until the very end anyway but this disaster movie plays its aces with a collection of capable actors enjoying their hammy roles and therefore passes the time well.

Release Date : 2003

Running Time : 120 minutes

The Premise

Someone hired an offspring from The Tower Inferno and got them to build a dam whilst cutting as many costs as possible and then paying off everyone who knew. That a clever thing to do then since it’s bound to collapse sooner or later! The wonder that is Karma is strong in this one…

The Disasters Faced

Water, wheels, C4, flying nuts and bolts and Michelle Greene running the risk of getting blisters in her high heels running along for a good five minutes inches ahead of a wave of water.

The Execution

Killer Flood wastes no time at all killing someone off immediately (token coloured person) and then setting off killing anyone vaguely bad. While the deaths are predictable and the plot is flimsy it all does what’s needed to set up for a big finale. However in order to survive the 80 odd minutes before the dam collapses we have some very capable actors keeping us amused. Joe Lando laps up his role as a bad-goodie-rubbish-father-spyglass lead and Michelle Greene does her dramas very well indeed – even if most of her acting is her superimposed running around everywhere! Bruce Boxleitner is the man you know will die at some point and just guessing when the evil doer gets his comeuppance provides quite a bit of entertainment. Mathew Ewald as the son is very convincing and easily matches the big names here and is one of the most impressive child actors in a disaster movie I’ve seen for a while.

As a result of a decent cast, the movies “its going to burst” … “no its not” conflict ticks along nicely. When the carnage does hit which is mainly in the last fifteen minutes, its just helerious and so make sure all your popcorn is eaten by then as you will choke at the liberties taken!

Action in the toy pen

The Effects

As mentioned earlier, miniatures are order of the day and the problem with that is that what is really a trickle in real life is suddenly amplified to be a tidal wave and it just never quite looks right. The flooded sets in the dam are great and some of the destruction shots look fun but more of having a giggle at instead of being gripped to your seat.

Why It’s Worth Watching

Michelle Greene nearly drowning in a dumpster with a pooch for the men? Check! Joe Lando running around wet for the ladies? Check! Family drama, idiot baddie, over the top extras? Got them all. Good stuff!

Drinking Game

When you think that water looks like magnified tap water running… it is.

Best Death

For a Killer Flood, the death count is rather tame in this film but Chrisopher Kreisa’s death by a popping nut wins most random award!

Favourite Character

For once, I’ve got to hand it to the kid who displays more emotions in this film than a normal teenage does in a year.

Hello. I’d like to phone home a budget disaster movie please

Weirdest Moment

This award goes to the comical score. The opening theme actually sounds like it should be in a mischief comedy and it sounds so computerised orchestra (think early PlayStation 1 in places) that when it gets dramatic (with its comic overtones) it makes the poor effects on screen all the better.

Random Trivia

Two of its best effects shots are stolen from Dante’s Peak!


It’s easy to bash Killer Flood but I certainly enjoyed it. Mindless but well acted and put together on what was obviously a budget-less project. One of the better late 90’s disaster movies to be made.

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  1. Stuff I Learned From This Movie: You can trick an oncoming wave of water by running around a corner. It will take several seconds for the wave to realize what you’ve done and beginning flowing around said corner.

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