Insects. They aren’t generally well liked in this world are they? Thankfully some people appear to feel the need to create indestructible ones for dubious scientific reasons. Wehey! Bring on the creepy crawly carnage!

The Premise

Genetically engineered Locusts are accidentally let out of their play pen and generally eat anything green in sight! Thing Jolly Green Giant with wings…

The Disasters Faced

Countless locusts, nerve gas, lots of green text and a woman spilling her drink!

The Execution

For a TV movie, it clocks in nicely at just under 90 minutes (although IMDB states 95, my version in the UK is 86 minutes long) and doesn’t hang about getting going. CGI swarms are used in short glances but often and there’s enough mini set pieces to keep everything ticking over. Of course, nothing screams TV movie more than green text boldly being stamped across the bottom in tv movie font. The sheer lack of blood or violence in general means this PG release is disaster-lite too, however what’s here is good fun, if a bit on rails.

Lucy Lawless is clearly a talented a lady and this leads to her vastly out acting the other larger names around her. The other two male leads fail to get out of second gear when it comes to the more emotive scenes and although their acting is far from offensive – it does feel a bit like they’re coasting. Aside from that, the whole premise is hilariously silly and the end result where all of America needs to turn off their electric to save the world is laughable and reeks of heavy handed environmentalism. In addition to that, the best line in the film is “You screw with Nature and Nature will screw with you!” and you’ve got yourself a preacher. The script isn’t awful, its just by delivering all these clangers from nowhere feels a bit random on occasion.

The Effects

The Locusts are well done, especially the camera work done for when you’re meant to be flying with them. It’s less cheesy than it sounds. The biggest special effect is a plane crash which is also done very well and the artistic direction of it masks the low budget with ease. If there were one let down on effects it would be that in some scenes after the initial layer of locusts are shown, behind them is just fuzzy black smudges moving about… clearly not insects!

Why Its Worth Watching

Locusts… is not a bad film. I was entertained! Its short and doesn’t outstay its welcome, the acting in general is good, the melodrama is classic disaster movie and its a PG and so rates as a good place to start getting your youngsters into disaster movies! Lucy Lawless is always watchable. Also for drinking game fun, take a shot everything Vivian does something sneaky or finds a new piece of information. That character is wasted! She needs her own detective series!

Best Death

Only one character is shown dying on screen so I’ll go for the firery high voltage exit the locusts take when they meet their giant zapper and FRY! The following shot of our two leads kissing whilst all these inspects rain down on the car windscreen is quite surreal.

Favourite Character

In what is such a small role, Natalia Nogulich owns the screen with her stilted character Lorelei. For the first hour all she does is spill a drink and then suddenly she’s integral to saving the world. You can’t help but root for the quiet one at the back sometimes and this is one of those occasions.

Weirdest Moment

Quite how the little girl ends up in a coma for the film I have no idea. Firstly all she does is scream and fall over – next we see her their blood across her face. Was she trampled on?! The bus driver in that scene is just random too – you can see the Locusts coming in from the top window – CLOSE IT! You can see said little girl has decided to be dramatic and have a coma – CALL 911! Sheesh!


Illogical but well put together on a tight budget, Locusts Day of Destruction is fun, silly and lighthearted with some genuinely interesting ideas and set pieces. While it certainly isn’t rated as a good movie, it certainly doesn’t deserve the low IMDB score it currently has and so I’d suggest anyone who either really enjoys these pesky creatures – get stuck in!

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