A funeral marks one of the happier points of the film

Take “Signs”, remove the aliens and place a windy apocalypse and you almost have The Final Storm! A slow-moving, mystery/disaster/suspense hybrid movie, it builds its tension up slowly enough but never really fully realises its full potential.

Release: 2010

Runtime: 1h 32 mins

The Premise

A huge storm leaves a small family cut off from the local village and when a lone stranger stumbles into their house and begins to be otherworldly, talking of the end of days, we’re left to wonder if he’s nuts or is he a prophet!

The Disasters Faced

Windiness, the most unloving uncomfortable sex scene I’ve witnessed in a while, a dead dog, a broken window and an empty supermarket… plus a very large psychedelic thumb!

Oh religion. Just stop already.

The Execution

The Final Storm is low key. It’s acting is low-fi for the most part, the script rarely goes beyond the obvious and aside from two sections, the film is very talky. It’s a testament to the actors and the general pacing that I was kept interested throughout. You watch as Luke Perry swings from respectable old fashion valued man to religious freak and back again in the space of five minutes and wonder if he’s unhinged or not. Most of the film hangs off this. Lauren Holly veers for the good side, Steve Bacic the dark side and this drives them apart – not that it looked like they were happy together anyway! Bacic develops a drinking problem, attempts to stir some drunken passion in their sex life (argh nooo) and then gets the hump and goes off for answers. Holly makes Perry sandwiches, admires him fixing a roof tile and then brings him goodies while he’s naked in the bath. Eventually, it all boils down to the last ten minutes when all is revealed and the not so shocking revelations are revealed. You won’t be surprised but you won’t mind the journey getting there.

The Effects

The one effects shot is over in a few seconds and is such a “tsk!” moment it’s overshadowed. However, the empty streets and supermarkets are well done so kudos to the set designers for that. I also think the main house is creepy too. I wouldn’t want to live there!

Why It’s Worth Watching

It’s a slow burner like Sign’s but not in the same league as Signs It has the same camera style (if a bit more docu-style), the same style and ambience. I think it suffers from the fact that you can guess what will happen way before its revealed and its cheap ending doesn’t endear itself to anyone at all. It will spark debate afterwards though and if you want to put some religious spins on it, they can make all your Christian friends rage. If you prefer your movies mysterious then you may enjoy it.

Drinking Game

Someone sulking or being moody.

Luke Perry’s character is the reason why the film works and doesn’t work all at the same time

Best Death

Only one character dies on screen and after they’ve been set on fire and arrive at death’s door, they get given a kung-fu kick for good measure sealing the deal. Well done all round!

Favourite Character

I didn’t like the main couple and Perry is so ambiguous but see-through at the same time I couldn’t warm to him. With the child sulking about his dog all movie, I’ll go with the poor dog that disappeared at the beginning. Someone throw him a bone!

Weirdest Moment

During the supermarket scene, Bacic is busy developing a drinking problem and instead of gathering food or anything vaguely resourceful, he harvests a massive box of beer – only for his wife to end up carrying it for him! If my life depended on supplies, a box of beer would be the last of my worries!

Random Trivia

Director Uwe Boll is in a crime scene photo in the film itself.


It’s a nice twist on the end of the world theme and while it’s not entirely successful at what it sets out to do, it is by no means a disgrace and can be enjoyed just as much, if not more, by suspense film fans.

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