Movie Review: Tornado Valley

Tornado Valley (or Twister Valley as it has also been called) is a strange film, depicting itself as a big disaster film but actually only has ten minutes of Tornado at the beginning and ten as the end. Low budget? Yep – but it tries hard in-between

The Premise

Two sisters lives are ruined thanks to a tornado.

The Disasters Faced

A couple of windy funnels, getting tinnitus from wind chimes and becoming a mute. Not always in that order.

The Execution

It’s not often I’ll say this but for once the child actors done good! In fact they seem to out act the adults sometimes as the story unfolds. A Tornado kills a mum in a family of four and fastforwarding 25 years see’s the family completely fallen apart. One daughter has become a mute, the other has spent her life not committing to anyone and the father spends his days in the farm barn looking at pictures of what used to be. It’s handled well and eventually it weaves itself together for a finale moment where everyone predictably rises to the challenge. In true ITV drama there’s no real carnage, its all about the feeling. Everyone will declare undying love before the titles roll and suddenly its like the Tornado at the end was the best thing ever. Yay!

The Effects

The tornado’s are awful, moving at weird paces, not effecting anything outside of the very ground its say on. There is no damage to wherever it has been except a house and tractor. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Why Its Worth Watching

Aside from being a relatively uninspired Twister clone, the soundtrack is nicely written and reminds me of the American Beauty soundtrack. Have a shot for every time the lead lady looks or acts superior to everyone else. The young actresses are good and Nora the unexplained hippy living in a caravan nearby is just bizarro. Who is she? Why is she in the film?!

Best Character

Nora (Ashley Michaels) of course! I have no idea why she is in the film but she has the best collection of lightbulbs on a tree ever.

Best Death

There’s only one and its ten minutes in. Bye bye mommy. Once again the cardinal sin of disaster movies – never help anyone – you’ll die!

Weirdest Moment

For me its the logic lapses in the film. Apparently you can survive a direct hit from a tornado by laying down in a bath. Out in the open. Or you can just lay down in a ditch and put your hands over your head. You don’t even have to hold onto anything. The tornado doesn’t even effect anything around it.


Going for the emotional pull over the effects is fine, but when there’s no effects and the story is tired and well trodden, you need to have something else to give. Tornado Valley doesn’t and that’s why it doesn’t inspire nor particularly entertain.


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2 Comments on “Movie Review: Tornado Valley”

  1. Kimberley May 17, 2014 at 9:39 am #

    Fire on Angeline Drive

  2. A Simple Girl May 1, 2016 at 9:30 am #

    What’s Funny is I really like the movie just cause if you pay attention to the meaning behind it all, it’s all about life. And there are secret messages hidden in the film, at least to me they are. Though I do agree that the graphics were not the best and that they could have had more tornado action in the movie itself, how ever, emotionally wise, I find it very entertaining. It’s kind of a happy medium tie for the pros and cons for me. lol

    Ps- No I have no idea when the review was originally posted, how ever mine is posted on 5/1/16

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