Action shots has this weird blurred quality to them to make them less…clunky

It’s been trending on and off for weeks and now I’ve finally seen it I can honestly say it doesn’t live up to the hype but it is certainly one of The Ayslum’s best productions as it completely embraces the terribleness of z-movies with gusto. That is what makes Sharknado fun and if you don’t see that you miss the point.

Release : 2013

Runtime : 86 minutes

The Premise

Freak weather plus an influx of sharks means everyone is dinner

The Disasters Faced

Sharks, tornadoes, sharknado’s, waves, lots of tomato sauce and an angry Tara Reid who clearly has lost all social etiquette.

The Execution

Sharknado spends no time getting going as we witness a Jaws homage opening before we descend into various weird and wonderfully complex situations. Our characters are paper-thin and as with every disaster movie these days, the family all hate each other but you know they’ll either be in love or have a mutual understanding by the end of the film. It’s quite clear who will live and die with about two exceptions too. The joy of Sharknado is seeing how it clearly references all the clich├ęs and then does them anyway. It’s writing and direction has this “ha every movie does this” reference and then dances on your brain and does it in such an over the top manner it’s ridiculous. There is a lot of slow motion, a lot of screaming and a lot of red dye. It’s unabashedly b-movie material and that’s why it works.

Strangely the love triangle doesn’t really happen here – and the movies much better without it!

The Effects

The CGI is slowly improving on Sci Fi movie films, specifically the Ferris wheel stunt and the cartoon sharks but it’s barely above the usual TV fare. One thing that I wish they had have bothered with though was more water. Everywhere is meant to be flooding yet even as they run away from exploding houses being washed away it looks like it’s barely rained.

Why It’s Worth Watching

The sharknado section is actually one of the least entertaining parts except for the funny sections of sharks falling from the sky. Aside from that you can be treated to the lapses of science when Sharks are eating people in two inches of water and the tongue in cheek things they do. I’m sure in the sequel they’ll be capable of logically thinking like a man or wink at the camera. The acting is fine although the characters weigh a tad too much on the whiny annoying side. If they are carrying over to the sequel the main family could lose both females and the world would be a smiley place. The pacing is good too, there is a constant danger throughout and that keeps the 90 minutes pumping. Also watch for some magic haircuts that change throughout the film – that can be your drinking game!

Best Character

The lead guys called Fin… geddit? Although George is a great character too.

Best Death

Robbie the Bus Driver!!! “I’ve always wanted to make it in Hollywood!!”… promptly gets crushed by the Hollywood sign.

Ian has a million times more likeable character than Tara – who spends the entire movie with all the survival skills of a lemming in a Saw movie

The Drinking Game

Each lapse of actual shark reality – like how they move and then leap out and eat someone from two inches of water. You’ll be smashed I promise!

Weirdest Moment

Tara Reid’s character being such an idiot. I know – let’s just not help myself at any point at all during the first half of the film. There is clearly a shark swimming round the front garden and there’s a flood coming from the back garden but yet there’s still time to argue about not needing rescue!

Bottom Line

Stupid, crazy, idiotic, popcorn movie making that embraces all that is bad about b-movies and does it so well it will become a cult classic. Does it deserve it? Maybe not but it’s place in the hall of fame is cemented. Now where’s my Sharkcano spin-off!

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