When one tornado isn't enough!
When one tornado isn’t enough!

Because clearly one tornado is not enough, this film decides to go for an endless barrage of them in grey vision for better and worse – this part documentary part blockbuster movie is entertaining, mindless and has a split personality.

Released: 2014

Run time: 89 mins

The Premise

Stormchasers and science predictors face off as tornado season kicks off. However, trying out a new set of equipment as the biggest storm of all time kicks off may be ill-timed!

The Disasters Faced

Tornadoes, plastic cows, low YouTube hits, car crashes, drowning, fire, windy things and death from above.

The Execution

Into The Storm is a film that is very much in two camps at the same time. It kicks off almost like a direct to camera documentary as the team are taking their massive new tank on the road to hunker down in the path of a tornado so they can see the eye of the storm to study it. The camera is a bit wobbly and amateur, the acting cheesy in places when they are talking to the camera and so on. Then as that’s going on, you also get the “not for airing” parts where things are more dramatic and less cock wavey. It’s interesting as a concept because I was a bit confused on the off as to which direction it was going to go. The Cloverfield-esque moments throughout the film become less and less as the destruction amps up however and soon instead of shaky cam you’ve got aerial helicopter shots and so on alongside the Hollywood shots. The characters for the most part fall into goodies, baddies and background filler although the death count of the cast is relatively low for what I was expecting. Paths cross, people help each other out of situations and because the film never stays in aftermath mode, it doesn’t stop to dwell. That means a lack of emotion is traded for bigger punches but in an 89 minute film, that’s fine. What’s there is serviceable and not entirely awful. The script is fine and the acting feels just as much like reacting to everything and I enjoy that about disaster movies these days. Some of the cast genuinely look worried!

The Effects

Filmed in grey (dull) vision, the film has a hyper realistic HD gloss over a gloomy cloudy colour palette where everything feels grey. It works well because the effects shots blend in nicely and there are some really great effects throughout. It’s the debris of everything that impressed me the most along with some great wind simulations. Cutting edge.

This vehicle is a character itself
This vehicle is a character itself

Why It’s Worth Watching

Each tornado is different. Having watching the blu-ray extras which go into a lot of scientific detail, the movie essentially displays a variety of tornadoes to keep you from feeling stale, each one upping the ante as it were. I was impressed at the science they have at least implied to have taken into account. The effects are great, the acting is above average for a disaster movie and there’s no love plot that takes centre stage. This is about survival. You also get some really great pay offs towards the end too for character development (what there is) and the best tornado death of all time. I also found that I enjoyed it better second time around and that’s quite unusual. Maybe I was too hyped by the teaser trailer I saw.

The Drinking Game

When the camera does that “effects shot in the corner” thing that shaky cam films do so well.

Favourite Character

Gnarley YouTube stunt guys all the way. They are only in a few scenes but they are in it just enough to be stupid and idiotic without getting on your nerves. Allison is nice as the torn scientist mother too and doesn’t become overwrought. Trey is a loveable dick too.

Weirdest Moment

In one of the best moments of the film, Into the Storm pays direct homage to Twister, the previous undisputed king of the Tornado movies, by having a plastic cow fly off a building roof and across the path of our heroes. Love it!

The debris effects are fantastic
The debris effects are fantastic

Random Trivia

Some of the news footage & radar images shown in the storm chaser van, was actual news reports/footage from the F5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on 20th May 2013.

Goofy Quote

A characters quote for her time capsule video “Please marry a rich guy!!”


An hour and a half of popcorn entertainment. It knows it. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else. That’s its definite strength because it cuts the fat and leaves a roller-coaster ride of effects and thrills.

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