Bit late to start praying now…

I Love Disaster Movies has been growing at a very slow rate but 2016 will be seeing a general overhaul of the site along with some new features being added.

Site Reviews

Over the next month or so I’ll be going back through all the old reviews and bringing them up to the same review format. It will be the review blueprint I’ll be using for the foreseeable future so it makes sense to go back and make everything crisp and even.


I’ve just finished the first massive batch of trailers uploaded to YouTube for your browsing pleasure. There’s some copyright issues with a few that mean they are limited to certain countries (companies only licence films for certain territories – crazy in my opinion in a globally connected world) so some may not work for you. You can access and subscribe to YouTube channel here.

This current trailer batch includes:

40 Days and Nights, 100 Below Zero, 2012 Apocalypse, Age of Dinosaurs, Air Collision, Airplane Vs Volcano, Airplane!, Alligator, Alligator 2, Apocalypse Pompeii, Apollo 13, Ba’al Storm God, Bait, Beyond, Big Ass Spider, The China Syndrome, Co2, Day of the Animals, The Land of Hope, Last Passenger, Meru, Right At your Door, San Francisco, Sharknado 2, Sharknado 3, Stonado, Storm Cell,  Stormageddon, Them!, This Is The End, Titanic (1953), Titanic (1997), Tornado, Troll Hunter, Turbulence, Tycus, Vertical Limit, War of the Worlds, The World Sinks Except Japan and Zero Hour.

Making Of Featurettes Include:

Titanic (ITV TV Production), Titanic II,  Tsunami: The Aftermath, The Tower, Turbulence and When The Wind Blows.

Full Length Commentaries

Yes this will finally be coming in 2016! These will then be placed on Soundcloud and/or Bandcamp for streaming alongside a film or for download.


Alongside this website, I also run Higher Plain Music, Higher Plain Games, with a new website and create music too. I’m bundling all five projects together as a complete Patreon package. Whilst the majority of the content on this site will always remain free, if you like what I do and would like to support me to be able to spend more time doing this and being able to make more varied features here (and across the other sites which is where there is currently more focus) then I would be eternally grateful.

You can view my Patreon campaign here

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