You said whaaaaa?!

A dark comedy drama that had me equally intrigued, laughing and in sympathy with the cast. What would you do if you got caught at the world’s end at bunch?

Released : 2012

Run time : 1 hour 28 mins


Four couples meet for a slightly awkward brunch which gets very awkward when a dirty bomb goes off and they are all assumed to be poisoned beyond repair. How would you deal with it?

The Disasters Faced

Chemical agents, a dirty bomb, being late for dinner, a whole lot of wine, suicidal thoughts and the fact your trapped with your friends whom you aren’t really all that friendly with anymore. Argh!

The Execution

In a very similar style to Right At Your Door, which deals with a single couples dirty bomb experience in a very real and emotional way, the same story happens here but with four couples meeting for dinner instead. Instead of being serious, It’s A Disaster goes for a less trodden dark comedy path. Characters go nuts, flip out, get cynical, do once in a lifetime things and become extreme versions of themselves. Whilst there’s a dark comedy to the entire picture, there’s always an undercurrent of emotion that’s played throughout the film and its the balance of the two combined that really makes this movie feel quite unique and interesting in the disaster movie genre. There’s no effects, it’s eight people struggling with no information and impending death and whilst it’s not afraid to deal with difficult thoughts and ideas, it does it refreshingly. The film has more in common with The Last Night than any other film – and that’s a great comparison to have.

How did this couple not already hate each other before arriving for dinner is beyond me!

The Effects

There are no effects whatsoever but the house does look nice… as does the food.

Why It’s Worth Watching

Here you have eight actors and actresses relying on their acting chops to pull the film off. Some of them, like Julia Stiles, aren’t usually cast in this type of film so its nice to see them do something different. There is also a nice sub theme throughout the film which is everyone is a bit of a weirdo whether they know it or not. Each character has its flaws. Each has its quirks. The new boyfriend to the group looks permanently put upon in all the awkward situations and in many ways, it’s also an analysis of friendship under stress too. It all gels together nicely and because it’s just under 90 minutes, the situation doesn’t get dull and the pacing keeps new things happening to move emotions forward. If you’ve liked the film Carnage (not a disaster movie) where everything takes place in a room with four characters all discussing something off-screen – you’ll like this too.

Drinking Game

“ooh, there’s a stereotype!” The characters are quite predictable but that’s part of the charm.

Favourite Character

I’m not sure I have one. Perhaps new guy Glen as there’s nothing worse than being the new guy in a tight friendship click. So. Awkward. Yet he tries so hard… initially.

“Hey guys – got any milk?”

Weirdest Moment

There’s a fifth couple in this film, but they arrive late for dinner. They are apparently always late to everything so sadly and on this occasion, it costs them their lives! It’s one of the funniest bits but it’s also a bit weird that another character puts the boot in as they collapse on their porch!

Random Trivia

Less trivia, but more of a goof. There’s a scene late in the movie where two characters are drinking wine and it comes after a house sealing incident…and the window is open next to them. Oops – you’re all dead. Sorry bout it!


It’s a difficult film to sell in some respects because it’s a-typical for a disaster movie, but there’s genuinely charm and laughs to be had. If you want something easy-going for your end of the world tastes, and you’ve worn out your copies of Airplane – this is worthy o

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