The radio has a wonderful way of working and not working at all the key moments

Recently some films have decided to take on a lead character who isn’t particularly likeable and have them go on an adventure. This real story takes a professional hockey player whose busy losing his life to drugs and has him get lost in a snowstorm. Can we still care when the main character’s an idiot?

Released: 2017

Runtime: 1hr 38 mins

The Execution

Josh Harnett’s character Eric is portrayed as a man who needs saving. However, he didn’t seem particularly happy or nice beforehand either. We get a few flashbacks to show his family life was highly pressured for success and so the film decides his absent dad has made him a monster. The problem is that these clunky beats in the movie are too clumpy, too late and so as a viewer, you already feel disconnected and not invested in his plight or rescue. “Flight” had this same issue with me, but came layered with the question “if the very fact someone was vile is the reason why he somehow saved loads of lives – is he now a hero?” This film marches Eric passed religious imagery until he is knackered enough to realise he is an idiot. It just didn’t grab me. Beyond this problem, Josh’s onscreen mum Mira Sorvino looks only 5-10 years older and is relatively ineffectual – providing a side story to let time pass for Josh to return more tired and cold than before. It’s very by-the-numbers enlightenment and you can tell this movie will portray the whole experience as the best experience of their lives.


The mountain scenery is beautiful and deadly in equal measure. There’s some nice frozen gore and frostbite make up that looks suitably gruesome too. Things are really well shot to convey scale too.

The scenery is stunning throughout and lends a lot to the films creditable side

Why It’s Worth Watching

Whilst I was harsh earlier in the review, the film is certainly not without merit. Firstly, the acting is great – Josh particularly having to act most of his scenes on his own. There’s some really interesting scenes regarding injuries, wolves, self-preservation and the potentially controversial “eating yourself” scene – but they aren’t given the gravitas that they should be. It pushes me to think that this is basically a Disney like movie about near death addiction so it skips over the mental turmoil. It’s relatively tightly paced and post the end of the film story, there’s a short catch up with real life Eric LeMarque to show what he is up to in real life now, and the extent of his injuries.

Drinking Game

There are so many not-so-hidden Christian references in the film, have a shot for each one.

Favourite Character

I had none. Maybe the female air rescue worker – but I’m scraping the barrel.

You should have been face-palming years ago rather than taking out your internal rage on everyone and yourself around you.

Weirdest Moment

There is a point in the film where it decides – it’s violin time! The mother spends a scene trying to make the air rescue lady cry and then save her son – but neither are crying properly and the air rescue woman shouldn’t be so unprofessional and want to cry anyway. My eyes were rolling so very hard. I’m not usually this cynical! What did this movie do to me?!

Random Trivia

Apparently, 6 Below is the first natively edited 6k movie (according to IMDB).


I rolled my eyes so hard throughout because an unlikable and unrelatable character thinks he is so beyond the rules he goes and gets lost on a mountain and causes himself harm. Despite great acting, decent pacing and lovely scenery – I couldn’t help but want to nitpick my way through the film and didn’t enjoy it much. There’s probably something decent here for people wanting an easy Sunday afternoon watch – but I was disappointed.

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