Iceland Volcano Lava Flow 02When I started this website back in 2010 I didn’t think that 8 years later there would be much appetite for sharing my passion for disaster movies. However, each year sees thousands of people visiting either to read about their favourite disaster movie film or take recommendations for ones to try next. I’m really proud of what I’ve put together and the feedback I’ve had over the years which is why I’m starting to work towards a version 2.0 of the site.

So what do I want to do?

  • Each film will have its own dedicated hub page which will let me go beyond just providing reviews.
  • For each hub page, there will be cast and crew details, a trailer, DVD/BluRay artwork, a screenshot gallery from the film itself, promotional materials and any making of features released. If I am able to secure any cast/crew interviews – they’ll be placed here too.
  • Every review currently posted on ILDM will be updated to a new, more detailed format – so as old reviews are updated, it’ll be worthwhile taking another look!
  • The site itself will be revamped into a much cleaner, crisper layout and I’ll be paying to remove advertising (hurrah).
  • At a later date, I can start looking at community features like commentary tracks for films and doing a whole new version of my mega-disaster movie montage clip.

Of course, this all takes time, hard work and money so it will be a gradual process over the coming months because I’ve already reviewed over 100 films. I’ll probably place a “latest update” page onto the front page menu when the site gets its visual layout upgrade later this month so that you know what I’ve been tinkering away on because those updates won’t necessarily be shown as a news story or anything like that.

I hope you continue to enjoy I Love Disaster Movies for the next 8 years too and if you like what I get up to, please consider joining the Facebook Group for more discussions or even consider donating to support these upgrades. The upgrades will be happening regardless of donations as I’m passionate enough to support this project myself, but anything that comes in extra can help improve the speed and quality of what I can provide.

Thanks for staying with me survivors!


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