2020 has been throwing all kinds of things at us so it seems apt that I wanted to launch a ‘Summer of Disaster’ series. Every Wednesday and Saturday across the month of July a new movie review will appear on the website. The ‘Summer of Disaster’ will conclude with the 10th review on the 1st of August.

Traditionally, a disaster movie usually takes place either as Christmas or Summer for the big cinema releases so it felt like we could all use some escapism and enjoy watching everyone else’s worlds fall apart instead of our own for a couple of hours. It always refreshes me and then I can get back to trying to make the world a better place once I’ve purged all my anger with it. It’s worthwhile noting that a percentage of all revenue created across the Higher Plain Network, which runs this site, is given to MAP for disaster relief. I don’t make much, but I do give back.

I hope you enjoy the binge of new content across July and stay with the site afterwards as it branches out into new types of content.

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