When dirty bombs get right in your way

Right At Your Door is a claustrophobic taut disaster thriller about exactly how you would react with split decisions in a crisis and how they effect others. Thought provoking, although full of melodrama, its an interesting film that absolutely deserves to be seen.

Release Date : 2006

Running Time : 96 minutes

The Premise

When a dirty bomb is set off in downtown LA, a couple are separated with one inside and safe and the other stuck outside already contaminated. What exactly would you do in such a situation?

The Disasters Faced

Dirty bombs, gas chambers and the potential of running out of duct tape!

The Execution

Right At Your Door is a low budget film and almost all of it takes place at a single house yet it feels so much bigger. Relatively quick to drop you straight into the dirty bomb scenario, running round with a character (Rory Cochrane) trying to work out what’s going on and find his wife (Mary McCormack) with an endless radio feed spewing out in disorientating and frightening. You never see the bombs go off, or the devastation downtown but the story revolves around the fact that Rory seals up his house with a neighbour and lock themselves in safety. Much later along comes Mary still alive against all hope but contaminated. Rory can’t let her in as he effectively would kill him and his neighbour but in doing so he is sending his wife to her certain death. It poses the whole question of what do you do and the ambiguous characters who while aren’t massively likeable clearly love each other and are both very scared and you could veer either way. The movie is well directed and although it falls a bit flat in the middle as the film spends a lot of time selling the whole point without having much character progression, the last half hour where help arrives is very taut again.

“Let me in” “Hell no” “Please?”

The Effects

As everything takes place in a house, you only get a few effective wide shots of smoke pouring up from the city skyline and some impressive chemical ash scenes.

Why It’s Worth Watching

The films premise is interesting in that you make split second decisions along with the character of Rory and its quite thought-provoking in that respect. It’s very taut when the emotions are running high and the ending is quite harrowing. It’s also a good point to note , that if help is on the way when it really might not be – is a carrot dangling activity causing more harm than good?

Drinking Game

Paws to the windows!

I can’t let you in – your makeup is awful!

Best Death

Now that would be spoiling it…

Favourite Character

With only really four proper characters in the film I’ll go with Mary McCormack for spending half the film coughing up all kinds of wonders!

Weirdest Moment

There’s not really a weird moment in the film but I did notice in one sheet of plastic between our two characters has several holes in it! Oops!


I really enjoyed Right At Your Door as its got a different feel for a disaster movie. It makes you ask what would you do. It’s very emotionally draining if it grips you but then that’s the point. There’s no big effects, this is more about the personal struggles of facing a massive disaster and it does the job admirably!

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