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Dry for now - but the oil tanker survivors have plenty to do if they want to stay that way

Movie Review: The Finest Hours

Disney take on a daring boat rescue – and it all goes rather well!

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Film Review: Dinocroc Vs Supergator

Now I know some films embrace their b-movie side with great aplomb but Dinocroc Vs Supergator takes this to a whole new level. The acting is almost purposefully bad, the CGI is hilarious and the script looks like it’s doing a hop-skip-jump to miss story beats. So did I enjoy it? Hell yeah! The Premise […]

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Film Review: Tsunami: The Aftermath

  When I first heard about Tsunami The Aftermath my first initial reaction was “too soon”. Other disasters are left alone for at least a good decade before they’re poked and prodded by producers. How could you serialise the biggest natural disaster we’ve experienced for such a very long time? A lot of people are still recovering, […]

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Film Review: Stonehenge Apocalypse

It’s low-budget sci-fi, it’s where Americans tell the Brits how its done, it’s where Foamhenge takes over the world! Well almost… The Premise Stonehenge appears to be a countdown clock to doomsday and it suddenly pops into life and decides it wants to use electromagnetic energy (that old chestnut) to wipe the world anew and start from scratch. Not […]

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Film Review:”Battle of Los Angeles”

The Asylum are utter geniuses. How they have evaded being taken to court over the title of their latest “epic” I have no idea, but Battle of Los Angeles is quite possibly the most commical alien invasion film this side of Mars Attacks – but that was meant to be a comedy! The result is […]

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Film Review: “In Old Chicago”

Time for us to delve back to 1937 for this disaster movie classic “In Old Chicago” where brotherly love is the last thing on the agenda and stalking is game of the day! The Premise The O’Leary family move to Chicago the 1850’s and proceed to rip the entire town to pieces with their family […]

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Film Review: Aftershock / Tangshan Dadizhen

I’m loving the fact that we’re finally getting a flurry of Eastern disaster movies flying across to the European pond. “Aftershock” was a massive success in its homeland China and deserves every accolade thrown at it. A harrowing tale that takes disaster movies into a much more realistic and serious emotional journey – Aftershock breaks the mould. […]

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Film Review: Right At Your Door

Right At Your Door is a claustrophobic  taut disaster thriller about exactly how you would react with split decisions in a crisis and how they effect others. Thought provoking, although full of melodrama, its an interesting film that absolutely deserves to be seen. The Premise When a dirty bomb is set off in downtown LA, a […]

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Film Review: 2012 Doomsday

Dear God, Should the Mayan’s be right, please deliver 4 guides to a random monument so they can deliver a new baby Jesus and save the world by repenting their sins and starting anew…oh – 2012 Doomsday you say? Hmmm…. The Premise Four people feel a call to travel to Mexico on the last day […]

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Film Review: Tycus

A disaster movie about a comet causing havoc starring Dennis Hopper?! How did no one know about this film? Well… its a bit…rubbish. Well it’s not that its rubbish, its just it tries far too hard to be a jack of all trades and ends up being a master of none and skips all the […]

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