Yes, this is genuinely one of the climax moments

Now I know some films embrace their b-movie side with great aplomb but Dinocroc Vs Supergator takes this to a whole new level. The acting is almost purposefully bad, the CGI is hilarious and the script looks like it’s doing a hop-skip-jump to miss story beats. So did I enjoy it? Hell yeah! It’s like a SyFy movie, on a budget – on a budget! Meta-meta?!

Released: 2010

Runtime: 1h 27 mins

The Premise

Genetically enhanced Crocs and Gators escape a science compound on an Island and decide to go for lunch on the general public. Tasty!

The Disasters Faced

Giant hungry animals, offensively poor acting skills and a shoddy doctor who instead of helping someone having a heart attack just cries and screams at the guy instead.

The Execution

We know the drill in general with SyFy films, they’re outwardly awful – but that’s the whole point. They have now gained a cult following over time and while there’s not much in the way of new TV disaster movies or bigger budget ones being made elsewhere, these are tiding me over. I’d prefer bigger budget ones but there we go! Dinocroc Vs Supergator seems to go one further by blatantly laying on the crap-factor by setting up comical deaths and having a script that makes no sense at all. The acting standard really varies throughout. Watch as Delia Sheppard almost dares to show panic when the creatures escape as she almost raises her voice to say “everybody out”. It’s the opening line and I was already in stitches of laughter. Then the main actors Amy Raisimas and Corey Landis are revelling in their b-movie acting, laying it on very thick and hammy and then David Carradine is almost playing things in seriousness. The complete mixture of everything makes it so stilted it doubles the fun as tonally its so off, and the film is so joyously low budget.

Comedy or Horror? Which genre is this first…

The Effects

One thing I will say about the film is that unlike a lot of these types of films, there’s actually quite a lot of animal action. There are lots of little scenes constantly interspersing the film and it does make things run along nicely. It’s also a lovely Island setting too. The effects are hilarious and there’s one particular death scene where a lady is bitten in half and the remaining half left behind is some of the funniest CGI of a dead/living / dying woman I’ve seen in a while!

Why It’s Worth Watching

For its tongue in cheek, we know its awful but hey ITS AWFUL attitude. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and it translates onto the screen.

Drinking Game

An extra. Eaten. Nom nom… and you’re trying to not laugh… or cringe…or both!

Best Death

The aforementioned stupid “babes” who have the funniest death scene. I was howling so loud. Honourable mention for Jeff Rector who gets an entire building wall fall onto him.

David Carradine worked for a single day on the movie, which was one of his last

Weirdest Moment

Quite frankly the leading duo have about thirty minutes together before they have a “don’t die now” snog and declare undying love. It comes from absolutely nowhere at all as they’ve not really flirted up to then either. I was a little shocked and gobsmacked when it took place, least of all with a third-party watching.

Random Trivia

DirectorJim Wynorski broke his arm falling out of a helicopter whilst making the film. Adding injury to insult I assume…


You will either love it or loathe it, there’ll be no in-between. An absolute cult classic and bad filmmaking and it is all the better for committing fully to that route.

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