Shark’s were a problem before there was a Sharknado

Anime gets the monster disaster flick footage. Cue blood, guts, hand-drawn boobs and a hell of a lot of fish that are going to eat you alive like a flappy tsunami!

Released: 2012

Runtime: 1h 10mins

The Premise

Fish go mad and decide to go a wee bit mad when a contraption gets loose that turns its subject into a mindless bloodthirsty killing machine.

The Disasters Faced

Fish, stabbing feet, the smell of poo, fears of being eaten alive and becoming a bloated zombie and the awful truth that you’ll get a pipe stuck up your butt at some point during the movie.

The Execution

Junji Ito’s disaster sci-fi anime takes a few everyday college girls and places them in an extraordinary situation when they see first-hand fish with legs rise from the sea and charge into town. At first they look like they’re just on a rampage but actually, they’re feeding and killing people, the bodies then are taken over by the mechanical legs and suddenly they are now eating and burping all over the place. There’s a real in your face mentality to the art style. Blood, guts and skin are abound but because it’s an anime you can take a lot of the surreal effects in and not be so disgusted by it all. There’s a strange beauty to it all and as the story continues and as things get desperate, the way things break down and how characters react is very interesting.

At first, people find it funny and crazy – until they start to be eaten alive

The Effects

The anime artwork is excellent and fast-paced. The film also uses computer graphics and while they do look good, they don’t sit perfectly with the rest of the artwork. It’s a difficult effect to achieve but it’s not massively¬†noticeable¬†as the action moves so quickly.

Why It’s Worth Watching

At a tight 70 minutes, its action from start to finish. The main character is likeable although her friends are utter tools so it’s quite good to watch them fall apart in a slightly sadistic way! The whole mystery behind the outbreak is a good one that gets answered and Kaori’s search for her boyfriend that we see attacked at the very beginning provides the emotional punch. The transformations of humans to monsters too is quite sad as we see how they slowly lose their human side and become monsters.

Drinking Game

I would say puke and poo references as the stench of rotting flesh is referenced throughout. You may go blind through drinking though.

Best Character

I’ll go for Kaori as the main character although Aki’s momentary triumph of “I’m better than you” makes you cheer for her before she too turns into a jerk.

I think this image is the definition of a bad day

Best Death

There are so many! I think Erica’s very long drawn out death is one of the best though. The different stages of her bodily collapse are a big part of the film.

Weirdest Moment

The fact that the contaminated are powered by their own farts! Cue a pipe up the arse!

Random Trivia

This movie was based on a manga simply called Gyo and made by the same author.


Nutty, sadistic, a complete nightmare scenario and a very bleak look at how a lot of people think of themselves in a crisis and not the bigger picture. Gyo Tokyo Fish Attack is entertaining, adventurous and barmy – a welcome addition to the disaster genre.

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