The black hole looks like a disco light

Ken Baddish. Bad by name, Baddish by filmic nature! He is quickly becoming the new king of low-budget disaster movies as he appears to be involved in so many of them recently! It’s another one of those low budget Sci Fi movies – which range from so bad it’s good – to just pure cringe. Where is this on the scale?

Released: 2010

Runtime: 1hr 35 mins

The Premise

Hello, Black Hole that’s not a Black Hole that’s going to eat the entire world.

The Disasters Faced

Black holes, antimatter, dark matter, a lack of energy drinks (at room temperature I hasten to add), heart attacks, EMP’s, silliness and general stupidity of people in a panic.

The Execution

Quantum Apocalypse is a film that takes every single weird and wonderful quirk from the disaster movie genre – amps it up and then force feeds it back down your throat again in a low-budget confused mess. It’s all the better for it, although it has also got lots of faults. The actual quality of the film is a bit grainy on the DVD transfer which is strange for a recent film. The sound production and the music used sometimes is SO unsuited to what’s going on its actually comical. Aside from that, the acting capabilities are also quite wide and varying too. The actual story is preposterous – not so much the disaster reason – because they generally are – it’s the cast and the motley crew that’s brought on board. I’ve not seen such an unlikely crew since Armageddon! Bring on the energy drinks, ciggies and a number 2 HB pencil of course… The script is OK enough. The fact that a savant is used a main plot device offers a different touch to things too but well… it’s all a bit clunky!

OMG It’s like the end of the worldz!

The Effects

Some of the effects are passable such as the atmosphere being sucked into the dark matter hole. Others are laughable.

Why It’s Worth Watching

Quantum Apocalypse feels almost like a parody of the TV Disaster Movie genre. Each character is such an extreme version of the classic archetype its jarring to watch but also quite entertaining too – even if it’s not always for the right reasons. Leave it to the poor Savant to save the day! The twist in the tale towards the end though is actually quite good though.

Drinking Game

The drinking game is best used for whenever the nutty professors decide to act like idiots. Science is based on reason – but that seems lost on everyone in this movie.

Best Death

The onscreen deaths aren’t really much to speak of but there London destruction scenes about as good as it gets here.

Best Character

Rhett Giles does a great job portraying a man with a mental disorder and GiGi Edgley is equally nuts in the other direction.

The effects aren’t insulting, but the whole film has a parody tone

Weirdest Moment

Aside from the purposely weird things, the step mum is an utter non-presence who is the most un-mum like character in ages. She appears to have no heart, no emotion and little in the way of anything at all. It’s so jarring that she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the film she was just a moose.

Random Trivia

The film’s title apparently came from an email exchange with a harsh critic (Scott Foy from Dread Central) who suggested all Sci-Fi movies had to have a colon in the title – and one of his suggestions that he sent over was used. Excellently, this title has no colon – even if it is a bit shit.


Almost parody like, Quantum Apocalypse is a very guilty pleasure that I’m sure most will find awful and not enjoyable at all. The minority that adores these types of so bad its good films will relish it – even if it does slip back into the backside again.

3 thoughts

  1. Quantum apocalypse
    I dint get the ending is the quantum disaster is life going to repeat Or it going to repeat but no disaster

  2. Definitely an ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ production. Best line: “We need the esoteric cats.”

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