Sandra Oh is having some “car trouble”

Sometimes movies that are a bit quieter in their approach or try a different tact and that’s where Last Night comes in. A film that captures different perspectives from the last night on Earth – it is heart-warming, quirky and funny.

Released: 1998

Runtime: 1hr 35 mins

The Disasters Faced

The End of the World, a bad Christmas dinner, a bad sex experience, looters, shooters and strangers!

The Execution

Last Night revolves around Patrick and the people he interacts with over the last 12 hours of Earth – which is going to end at midnight. There is nothing that can be done. The world will end. This is quite refreshing for once! The film deals with how people manage themselves in the final hours. Some decide to have a Christmas dinner, others want to have sex all day, others want to go to the End of the World party. Even better, one wants to keep working as usual! What a nutter! The film skips from one hour to the next updating you on where they all are and how they are doing. As the event gets closer, some people start to lose control but in general, most people are able to hold their own and meet the end on their own terms.

Sex Vs Romance – which would you choose?

The Effects

The violence is kept to a minimum in general but there are some great crowd scenes and a tram smashing and a riot scene that’s very effective.

Why It’s Worth Watching

Last Night is a wonderfully acted film. Everyone’s perfect in their roles – Sandra Oh especially as someone who can’t find her husband and is just about having enough of the day. Don McKellar is so put out by everyone its great fun to watch him ruffled. The script and the layout of the film itself are excellently designed. Characters drop in and out, making appearances throughout and I really enjoy films where everyone is interacting with each other without really knowing they are. Its cleverly put together and the ending is beautifully done.

Drinking Game

When someone else needs a drink or some drugs to cope!

Favourite Character

Sandra Oh’s character is particularly heartfelt but most of the characters are nicely done – its why the movie shines.

Best Death

Everyone goes in the end!

Ultimately if the world ends – do you want to go out on your own terms?

Weirdest Moment

The whole Christmas dinner is great – especially wrapping up their children’s old toys and re-giving them back out again! Patrick’s WTF reaction is great!

Random Trivia

Last Night was originally commissioned when Don McKellar, the director, was approached to do a film about the millennium and the carnage it could cause. Who remembers the millennium bug drama? Don changed it to the end of the world so the movie wouldn’t feel so dated so quickly.


A fantastic film, beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and a real diamond in the disaster genre – one that is increasingly filled with soulless poor CGI and a lack of character.

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