I’m so mad but pensive but mad but argh at you right now… #drinkinggame

Anne Hathaway gets caught up in solving a mystery of survivors of a plane crash. Not your usual disaster movie but its underplayed elements work well and are worthy of your attention if you like a disaster movie that’s more cerebral than action.

Released: 2008

Runtime: 1hr 31 mins

The Premise

Passengers that survive a plane crash start to disappear one by one whilst Anne Hathaway plays break all the rules for her favourite patient.

The Disasters Faced

A plane crash, snooping spies, heights, trains, car, a yappy dog and serial Eskimo kiss bashing.

The Execution

Passengers is deliberate, careful and slow. There’s a lot of quiet times and most of it is talking. The film starts where the disaster ends and carries on with a particular patient Patrick Wilson who appears to be in a state of euphoria with his life afterwards. However, he also seems slightly otherworldy in a way and this coupled with the fact all the patients have differing stories of what happened and then start going ping each day one by one sets us up for 90 minutes of intrigue. There’s plenty of plotholes in the story itself but it means well and keeps you interested before its twist in the end if you don’t mind a romance shoved to the fore first.

The after crash scenes are quite haunting

The Effects

The plane crash set is great as is the actual downing of the plane itself. It’s shot in locked off cameras but you feel the gravity of it all.

Why It’s Worth Watching

The plane crash itself is well done, the twist in the tail I hadn’t seen coming which was a pleasant surprise and the acting is good too. Having then watched it the second time, maybe I was being thick though – I could see the twist way early on. Also hats off to the beautiful score that I actually bought separately too – it is serene but slightly uneasy at the same time in a “we’ll bend the notes slightly so this pretty music isn’t really so pretty” way. There are quite a few plot holes and continuity goofs that you can play spot with too.

Drinking Game

Ann does a very good stony-I-want-to-whine-but-I’m-not face which you can use for your drinking game.

Lucky to survive… or is he?

Best Character

Patrick Wilson’s Eric plays a fine line between nuts and assured and gets my vote although Clea DuVall’s Shannon is great as a broken mess on the verge of collapse and is underused in the film.

Weirdest Moment


Random Trivia

On the DVD there’s a making-of featurette where Andre Braugher’s first name is spelt Andrea. Oops.


I can see why people would bash this movie but actually, I quite enjoyed it. The whole plot has a hole the size of a porn star in it but if you take it all at face value its good rounded entertainment. I have been cryptic in all the review so you can enjoy it more if you do decide to see it.

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