Film Review: Knowing

knowingAh – the one that’s meant to be a warning that everyone should become a Scientologist? Lost on me! It is however, a very well paced, intriguing and big effects bonanza!

The Premise

Nicolas Cage discovers a set of numbers that he believes is a foretelling of the first big disastrous events and then the end of the world.

The Disasters Faced

Whispers, the need to draw on walls with fingers, car crashes, air crashes, solar flares and the lack of sun block, aliens, train crashes – if it moves  – it crashes.

The Execution

Starting off in the 50s, the seeds of the mystery are planted with a crazed child that leaves a set of numbers for typical disaster movie present day family to solve. This means children whom hate their parents – but not really – and broken homes. One day I dare a disaster movie to have a happy family in a film – it doesn’t make their drama any less important. Cage is a teacher whom is busy throwing around theories of randomness verses determined fates. Everything is potentially quite highbrow if you want it to be and is good fun for debate afterwards. Either way, its not long before Mr Cage is busy chasing down what he thinks is going to happen next, him not getting there and spectacular disaster after disaster is paraded before us. The whole premise is riveting and given a good deal of time to unfold.

The Effects

The train, plane and car crashes are very well choreographed and the effects are superb. The solar flare is especially impressive.

Why Its Worth Watching

Its well paced. The acting is of a high standard, even if Cage manages to speak without moving his mouth a lot. The children do very well, especially the girl and Rose Byrne makes a lot of her smaller role too. I do like the drip feeding of information throughout the film too. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how its suppose to be convincing people to sign up to Scientology but to be honest, as a non-religious person I’m really not interested in this side of the movie at all. It works better not thinking that way at all. I think if you get caught up in that debate it will hinder your enjoyment of the film. Drinking game can be for people who want to match the two together or just for people whom want to down a shot when Nicholas Cage talks without his mouth moving.

Best Character

Lara Robinson as Abby & Lucinda works well as a non-bratty child.

Best Death

Lots of flattened people in the train crash but the people collapsing in flames in the plane crash take the prize – so hauntingly done.

Weirdest Moment

The whole family dynamic is screwed. None of the family want to talk to each other – they all ignore each other. I wouldn’t want to go to their Sunday dinner – which is what makes the end scenes slightly confusing for me.


A wondrous headscrew into mythology, chance, fate, disaster and how to face your final moments as well as giving the ultimate sacrifices. Underrated.


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